Whether you grew up watching Saved by the Bell on Saturday mornings or you found them on TBS as a re-run, you love the cast of Saved by the Bell. More importantly, you can relate to the characters.  So, in the interest of gaining a better understanding of the 2016 Presidential race, here are the characters you can now easily relate your favorite contender for the nation’s top job…

John Kasich and Mr. Testaverde, similar persona and just as lovable. Both men talk alot and neither one says much that we remember,  both wear red ties, and both have that ‘you’re not gonna see a lot of story arch’s built around my character’ tendencies.

Marco Rubio and Albert Cliff Slater are essentially twins. Both are considered the best looking people in their respective worlds.  Both of these gentlemen burst on to the scene and really kicked things off and Both are obsessed with their fathers’ occupation.  Both considered Iowa a pivot point in their careers.  I do see a round of Dancing with the Stars as the highlight of Marco Rubio’s future as well.

Bernie Sanders and Mr. Belding, essentially there is no difference. Both spend most of their time with young people, both are former hippies, and both have the same chance of being elected President.


Hillary Clinton and Jessie Spano are two peas in a pod. Both are feminist, pro gender equality, and both are very excitable when they feel the pressure. When Jessie was the presumptive class president, Zack gave her a serious scare. But he was undone by Scandal….Either way,  we will see if Hillary takes a similar career path as Elizabeth Berkley after this whole thing is over.


Ted Cruz and Jeff Hunter, the same person. As soon as Jeff burst on the scene you either loved him or hated him. You wanted him to be with Kelly or you didnt. No one is neutral on Jeff, just as no one is Ted Cruz Neutral. BUT, as with Jeff, everyone agrees…theres just something different about that guy.


Donald Trump and Maxwell Nerdstrom are cut from the same cloth. Both rich, both bombastic, and both with unsatisfiable desire for the ladies.


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